Friday, 27 January 2012

Film name

Today we finally came up with an idea of a name for our film and drafted up a rough image of what it may look like. After a lot of deliberation we decided to go with 'Elephant Juice', as when you mouth these words to another person it looks like your saying 'I love you', which we thought fits with the conventions of the quirky kind of rom com that we're going for.

When we make the actual design for this title we want the 'Elephant' to be in wider writing and the whole thing will obviously be much neater!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Our Man!

We decided that we'd ultimately like the appearance of this character to completely contrast with his personality. In this situation, he would be attractive, well presented and 'cool' on the outside, but for our opening all we'd see of him is scruffy, rude and not the kind of man our protagonist should be with! 

For example, towards the middle of the film 'What Happens In Vegas', we see Ashton Kutcher's true grubby, sleazy side coming out, particularly in the scene with the popcorn which has similar qualities to one of the 'bad habbits' we're including in our opening... 

Sam White (left) is having the pleasure of playing this role, another friend of ours who can act very well. 

Female Protagonist!

When discussing the kind of characteristics we want our female protagonist to portray, Jess, Zoe and I all agreed that we want her to be fairly plain with minimal make up but still pretty, with dark hair similar to Carey Mulligan and Zooey Deschanel (below).   

Fortunately, we have a friend who would be perfect for it... And she can act too! Becca Stamatis (below) will be playing our female protagonist for us.

Script Writing!

We began writing our script for narrating all the pet hates we want to include in our opening today. We decided we wanted to include lots of long winded adjectives that would really make clear the annoyance our female protagonist feels towards relationships, these include "which insecure, self incapable tortured soul..." and "who's own life is so unsatisfying that they need someone else to revolve it around...". We asked for some feedback on our script so far from a few of our classmates and they said it was funny for both men and women... Not bad for a first draft!

Titles and location!

We recently came up with some more ideas for the titles and also planned the order of the scenes and some of the locations they will take place in. We'd like to begin and end our opening sequence with a shot of a couple holding hands in a romantic location, some ideas we had for this location are hightown lakes and the bickerley, a field in our area which has an un-used railway running through and a cycle track

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Another idea for a title we had was to show a freezer door being opened and a tub of Ben and Jerry's (every woman's fave!) being pulled out, the lid removed and a POV shot to shot the tub is empty, a title would either appear in the tub or be on the lid or incorporated in some other way!