Sunday, 23 October 2011

Time to blog!

My name is Effie and I am a new AS media student at Ringwood School. I only recently dropped AS history and swapped to media so I have a lot of catching up to do! I chose to swap to media because I am a very creative learner and media allowed me to progress with my creativity whilst still including challenging theory aspects. I am also interested in performance - what with being a drama student - and I have a keen interest in photo-journalism and advertising. I find the directing and producing side to films very interesting and would like to learn more about the film and media industry as a whole.

What other subjects are you studying?
  • Theatre studies
  • English Language
  • Photography
Who is your favourite band/artist and why?

I find when it comes to music I am very indecisive! I can like almost anything... as long as it doesn't hurt my ears! (Like the dreaded owl city!) Nevertheless, as most girls would agree, Beyonce is a very inspiring women along with good old Rihanna; they both not only try to create great music that will 'speak' to people and entertain, but they produce interesting and creative music videos, make a real effort on tours and self-publicity and can actually do more than just sing... they can dance! 

Other than the obvious choices I have just mentioned, I am a fan of Biffy Clyro as their music isn't too 'record studio'. It is great because it actually means something to them as a group, it's not just a way of becoming famous and earning lots of money.

I also love musical theatre, my favourite musical right now is probably The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown, it is very new and was premièred in Chicago in 2001 before going on Broadway in 2002.

What are your favourite TV programmes?

Right now I am utterly hooked on the latest series of one tree hill! What I like most about the new series is the fact it doesn't leave me in tears at the end of each episode like the first few series' did, yet it still contains a weekly cliff-hanger to keep me hooked. I also love Britain's next top model but as the series finished a few weeks ago I've been watching the American version instead. 

What is your favourite film? Who is your favourite director?

My all time favourite films have to be Taken (starring Liam Neeson) and Gladiator (Russel Crowe). I love the action and suspense that is involved in Taken and I think that everything about Gladiator is incredible! The film work, the storyline, the direction, the acting... the list goes on! I highly doubt that Taken 2 (to be released this time next year) will be anywhere near as good as the original. Even though the main cast members will be the same; the director is different and this can often effect sequels. However, I am excited to see it and will watch it with an open mind! 

My favourite director is Ridley Scott. I love how he often gives background information at the beginning of his films via text to engage the audience, for example, in Gladiator, Alien and Blade Runner. Also, being that Russel Crowe is one of my favourite actors; I love that Scott frequently casts him in his films!

What websites do you use? 

Usually when I'm on the internet, at least one of the tabs open will be facebook! I find it a great way to stay in the loop with friends and communicate... for free! Also, when I have a spare half an hour or so and need a good giggle, I immediately go to YouTube as you can always find whatever kind of thing you're looking for. Like any other teenage girl, I spend the odd evening 'watching' telly whilst clothes shopping on-line as well and not really paying any attention to the TV whatsoever! 

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