Thursday, 15 December 2011


We'd like our titles to be creative and artistic so decided to have a look at some clips of just titles. The ones that really stood out were Juno and Napoleon Dynamite. We loved the catoonistic style of Juno and the catchy music that went with it....

However, we thought that the Napoleon Dynamite idea would work better for what we want to do. For each different pet hate we have about men, we would include a title. For example, one of our hates it going to be when a man finishes something (Ben and Jerry's!) and puts it back in the freezer instead of the bin. So for this clip we had the idea of a point of view shot showing a hand opening the lid of the Ben & Jerry's to reveal an empty tub and a title would appear in the bottom of it. 

The other ideas we have come up with for this use of titles are using potato alphabet letters to spell out a name and toilet paper being unravelled to reveal a name... So we need a few more ideas!!

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