Friday, 13 April 2012

Glitter Storm

So today we were discussing names for our production company and eventually decided on Glitter Storm Productions! We all really liked the idea of making it with actual glitter so that's what we experimented with next. Firstly we had the idea of writing Glitter Storm on a page in glue, then sprinkling glitter all over it, tapping off the excess to reveal the words Glitter Storm written in glitter.

However, this idea didn't really work out so instead we used a page of A3 black paper, covered it in glitter then filmed the words Glitter Storm being written into it. As you can see from the image I took, this idea also didn't work as there wasn't enough contrast between the black paper and the dark purple glitter so the words were not readable. 

So to resolve this we tried it on white paper and it worked brilliantly! 

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