Sunday, 27 November 2011

Film Opening!

This week we were given the briefs for our film openings and separated in to the groups we want to work in. I'm working with Jess and Zoe and we've decided on the brief of "a relationship comedy/drama made by an independent production company aimed at young adults". 
Before we went any further on developing our initial ideas for the opening, we researched the conventions of a relationship comedy. They usually tend to include: 
      • Light-hearted, humorous plot lines
  • Protagonists tend to be young, likeable and meant for each other
  • Usually kept apart by an interfering factor - eg. age, status, beliefs etc
  • Avoids serious satire
  • The potential couple comprises of polar opposites. Two people of different temperaments/situations/social status who would not meet or talk under normal circumstances
The proposal is one of my favourite Rom Coms, it also includes all of the conventions I mentioned above so seemed to be a perfect example! 

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