Sunday, 27 November 2011

Similar conventions for a more 'quirky' style

In the quirkier romcoms, the protagonist tends to be basic and unique and not necessarily someone you would notice when passing them in the street. They are usually played down a lot and lack in confidence, but there is still clear potential which is noticed by one person, the other protagonist. The other protagonist tends to be someone who is very out of their league and the basic but pretty person knows it. This is sometimes a reason for them not being together during the film.

For our opening, I like the idea of having one basic and one geeky looking protagonist. I like this idea because it makes the characters more relatable to the audience as opposed to the glitzy, hollywood, 'perfect' look. This idea is visible in Garden State: Natalie Portman is dressed in basic, neutral clothing with minimal make-up and Zach Braff plays the dorky charcter.

Notting Hill also links with the quirky rom com conventions as Julia Roberts plays a famous movie star who meets bookstore owner, Hugh Grant. Their relationship grows over months as they get to know each other, but they are presented with multiple challenges as they have to face their friends and the press, a typical rom com convention.

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