Tuesday, 28 February 2012

3 2 1 ACTION!

We decided that the best time to film was February half term as it was one of the only times Zoe, Jess and I could all be free on the same day that our actors were also available. On the Monday we completed most of our filming, with the exception to a few scenes that weren't possible to complete (lads night in... we had no lads! And eating with wings as we didn't have time to cook a meal!) so hopefully we'll complete those shortly.
We also changed the location of our outdoor scenes from Hightown lakes to Poulner lakes as it was closer to our other film location and was much more scenic and it actually worked out really well as we managed to find a boat to include!
We decided to change the scene where we were planning to have multiple people holding hands to a shot of Sam behaving very arrogantly in a the boat and rocking it side to side and splashing Becca as this would immediately show the audience that Becca can do so much better and she doesn't actually want to be with him so sets up the narrative. 

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