Sunday, 4 March 2012


Editing is going pretty well so far but it appears we underestimated the amount of time some scenes would last! So we've decided that we won't film the 'lads night in' scene as that would take up too much of our two minutes and arranging meeting times with actors for the same time as a football match to be on would be very tricky, never mind the continuity to consider as well! We've decided to cut a few other scenes as well just because of timing issues and fitting all the necessary bits into the 2 minutes.

Today we also experimented with the non diegetic narration. We recorded the script with Zoe speaking so we could get some better feed back from other members of the class and our teacher. Because our film opening is reliant on the speech to be able to understand what's going on it was causing some confusion not having it on there. 

However, from recording the speech and trying to fit it with the clips we realised that for the sarcastic tone and the thoughts we wanted our protagonist to give it needed to be slower and not quite so rushed! So we experimented with cutting bits of the voiceover out, also to try and make it fit with the scenes, and have decided that we will re word the script slightly and then re record it for our next editing lesson. 

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